The Best and Easiest DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

One of our favorite homemade Mother’s Day gifts is the perfect DIY gift for mum this year. This creative collection offers it all, from soaps and salt washes to floral arrangements, paper crafts, and wall hangings. We’ve got gift ideas for both kids and adults, so everyone can show their love for their mom this holiday season.



Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet Wrap


Give mom some sweetly-wrapped fresh blooms with this perfect Mother’s Day bouquet paper wrap DIY. A wrapped bouquet takes little time and effort but always makes a beautiful gift. This idea is perfect for last-minute gift-givers (we won’t tell!) or anyone who always gifts flowers on Mother’s Day anyway.



DIY Gemstone Soaps


Treat your mom like the queen she is with these easy DIY gemstone soaps. The five-step process involves mixing colors and adding essential oils, setting the soaps into molds, and shaping each soap bar with a knife to create a gemstone shape. These lovely, unique soaps are easy to customize in any color or scent.



Easy Tassel Flowers Dandelion Bouquet


These sweet DIY flowers won’t fade after Mother’s Day. They’re easy for kids to make and a great way to brighten up any space. You just need yellow and green yarn, green pipe cleaners, fabric glue or a hot glue gun, scissors, and a serving fork (to make the tassels).



Mason Jar Votive Holders


Personalized votive holders make for an inexpensive, easy DIY gift. With a bit of adult supervision, kids can make these easily. Start by cutting a heart out of contact paper and placing it in your mason jar. Cover the mason jar with primer and start to paint the jar once it’s dry. Remove the heart-shaped paper and leave a special note for mom on a gift tag. Lastly, insert a votive candle into the jar.



Lavender and Lemon Soap


This sweet smelling soap is so good, your mom won’t even know it’s homemade. You’ll need to melt the soap in a boiler, so this DIY project is better suited for adults than for kids. Use lavender essential oils with purple soap dye for added color and a teaspoon of poppy seeds for exfoliating.



Create-a-Memory Jar


Use this printable to create a “memory jar” to encourage regular connections with your mom. Jot down ideas of things to do or discuss that will create memories between the two of you, such as “head to the movies” or “cook dinner together.” A memory jar works wonderfully for both kids and adult children.



Bumble Bee and Butterfly Hand Towel


This cute craft is perfect for any mom who loves to cook. Footprints and handprints can be transformed into butterflies and bees with a little creativity. All you really need are dish towels and fabric paint. This project is a great way to include a baby in the Mother’s Day activities by using their tiny footprints for the designs.



DIY Bath Salts


Give mom the gift of relaxation this year with easy DIY bath salts in a range of colors and scents. Consider using essential oils that are meant to reduce anxiety such as lavender, mint, or rosemary. A few drops of food coloring will add color to the bath salts, and containers and creative packaging do wonders for a high-end, spa-like presentation.



Painted Terra Cotta Flower Pots


Give some of mom’s old planting pots a facelift or provide some new ones with a personal touch. Gather pots, craft paint, and your mom’s favorite plant varieties for a thoughtful and practical gift she’ll use long after Mother’s Day is over. You can build about four custom versions for the cost of one decorative planter from a home goods store.



Love U Handprint Frame


This craft is easy, cute, and will remind mom of her little one’s love all year round. Children will enjoy making heart shapes with their hands framing the words “Love U!” A festive frame will make this craft ideal for displaying at home.



Cupcake Liner Flower Photos


This is a creative way to showcase extra school photos, and makes for a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Use cupcake liners to frame a child’s smiling face on top of a stem and leaves cut from green paper. Present it to mom in a card or in a frame.



Sugar Scrub Recipes


These sugar scrub recipes are good enough to eat! Turn mom’s favorite scent into an exfoliating scrub that can be mixed in as little as five minutes. You can’t go wrong with lemon sugar scrub or raspberry lemon sugar scrub made with ingredients that may already be in your kitchen.



Coupon Bouquet


This is the gift that keeps on giving—an easy and personal coupon bouquet. Offer to clean the kitchen or walk the dog and make your mom’s month with her own coupons.



Mother’s Day in a Jar


This super creative idea includes everything your mom could possibly want for her special day. Take everything she loves that will fit in a jar (think chocolates and other snacks, scented candles, makeup, soaps, etc.) and present it to mom in a jar with a chalkboard tag.



“Home Is Where The Mom Is” Popsicle Card


This easy popsicle stick card is a super cute way for kids to tell their mom how they feel. This craft can be achieved with popsicle sticks, buttons, pink and yellow paper, glue, scissors, and a marker.



Wood Slice Family Handprint


Get the whole family involved with this craft and remind mom how much you all care. Everyone gets to put their handprint on this project, from largest to smallest. The wood slice to display the prints looks great in rustic-style homes.



Painted Tin Can


A painted tin can is an ideal multi-purpose gift; it’s perfect for flowers, cooking supplies, spare change, and more. A Mother’s Day bouquet of roses presented in a hand-painted tin can in her favorite color is a thoughtful gesture that can be put together in minutes.



Cute Paper Tulip Arrangement


Tulips are the ultimate spring flower! Give mom an adorable paper tulip arrangement for a bouquet that will last more than a week. Simply create origami tulip flowers and stems and put them in a vase you know she’ll love.



DIY Coffee Cup Candles


A coffee cup candle is an easy and sweet gift (especially for coffee lovers) that is functional even after all the wax has melted down. Lavender fragrance oil will help the candle smell as good as it looks. To save time, you can melt or shave down an already-made candle instead of making your own.



DIY Fizzy Scented Bath Bombs

Bath bombs at trendy soap stores can be so expensive, why not make your own? This recipe is easy, customizable, and DIY-able. This is a great one to make with kids that also teaches them about science.


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